So you’ve taken the plunge and have decided to buy your first home. Congratulations! You’ve made a great choice. There’s nothing else that can quite compare to home ownership and once you’ve gone through the process and are standing on your front porch you’ll never have any regrets. Since you’ve made the decision, you’re going […]

This post was earlier written by me in 2009 and I am reproducing it for the benefit of the readers. Rakesh Junjunwala has rightly defined the stocks markets as “Markets are like women always demanding, unpredictable and volatile.” No one knows whats next. For an instance take it – Does any one knows when this recession is going […]

This is a one fundamental question which needs to be clear about what investing is all about and also why do people invest ? According to About.Com : Investing is the proactive use of your money to make more money or, to say it another way, it is your money working for you. Investing is […]

Now a mobile phone does it all! Now you can trade in stocks and commodities via. Mobile Phone. Reliance Money introduced mobile trading in both equities and commodities across all mobile platforms independent of device, operator, and the underlying carrier technology. The company unveiled its ‘Mobile Trading Portal’, which offers equity and commodity trading services […]

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