Lets have no more fights at home for TV shows

I am sure you must have had fun fights with your siblings, cousins, parents and sometimes even grand parents over TV shows.  You wanted to watch “Cartoon Network” and your cousins wanted to watch “Sony TV” and there it begins a live show at your home.

Tata Sky is here to your rescue.. All you need is a smart phone and of course Tata Sky with new set-top box with transfer features.

TataSky has launched a new DVR Set Top Box which enables you to transfer your desired recorded content to your mobile devices and to watch later anywhere; anytime.

Here is how the new DVR Set Top Box works: 

Record the content you want to watch later. Transfer the recorded content to your device via the Tata Sky mobile app. and you can the watch the content anywhere, anytime you want. The content will be recorded even when someone else is watching something live on the TV.

Video on a Game Of Thrones fan and her father:

To know more about Tata Sky transfer and its features visit here.

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