3 Zero to Hero Success Stories

There is nothing more inspiring than hearing that an individual reached success against all odds. Some people have the drive and ambition to achieve what others might think not possible. Whether their challenges were circumstantial, physical or mental they chose to create their own paths, many of these leading to tremendous success. Overcoming these obstacles has given them the chance to escape from the figure ‘slumps’ and start living the life of the ‘Donald Trumps’ of this world.

Let us take a look at a few of these remarkable individuals:

Brian Scudamore

This is a man that has a ‘no-junk’ policy; unless it comes to business, that is. Brian Scudamorebelieves that his franchise business model alongside his clear vision is the reason why his company 1-800-GOT-JUNK company is so successful. The company focuses on remove unwanted goods and junk from other peoples’ homes and distributing it to resale shops or recycling facilities. Today the company is a use success with over 100 franchised locations, who would have guessed that this company had such a humble start.

Brian Scudamore didn’t even finish High School but managed to convince a University in Montreal to allow him to study business at their institution. It was during a visit to McDonalds that Brian’s business genius kicked in. The idea was not overly complicated or something that no-one else would think off, but the key is that he took action. After seeing a junk truck pass the drive-through section at McD’s he got the idea to buy a junk truck and offer to drive away other people’s unwanted goods for money.

Brian Scudamore

He started out by buying a truck for $700, and soon after had to drop out of college because business was booming. Brian Scudamore had a clear vision and clever business plan that took a high school dropout from no future to an entrepreneur with the future in his hands.

Sylvester Stallone

This rock hard guy has such a heartfelt story that it will bring any dog lover to tears.  He was born with half of his face paralyzed and was in the one foster home after the next because of his parents’ struggling marriage. Stallone did not have a great school career and dropped out of college in pursuit of his acting career. In his late twenties Stallone was still a struggling actor, barely able to make ends meet.

Sylvester Stallone

One day he found that he was broke once again, and decided to sell his dog and best friend for $50 at the nearest liquor store. This was his lowest point in life, and he feared that it will not turn around.

A fight between the legendary Muhammed Ali inspired Stallone to write a screenplay, and it is said the screenplay for ‘Rocky’ was written in only 20 hours. Numerous directors showed their interest and offered large amounts of money for the rights, but Stallone insisted on playing the lead role himself. One could imagine how much guts it took to turn down the offers while being broke, but the story took a happy turn. At the end of the day Stallone was allowed to play the role of Rocky, and the cherry on the cake- he bought his dog back.

Stallone’s is a story of tremendous dedication, drive and sacrifice and it is almost unbelievable that success came out of that situation.

J.K Rowling

Any other writer would tell you that they would probably have given up on their novel if they were rejected as many times as the ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K Rowling. It’s not that she had a bad upbringing or no education, but it is her persistence that lead to her being one of the greatest novelists in history.

jk rowling

The idea of Harry Potter came to her while on a train from Manchester to London back in 1990, but the story was only published 7 years later. The death of her mother was her biggest setback and she left for Portugal as a way to deal with her grief. After marrying a Portugese reporter in 1992 the marriage, the marriage only lasted 11-months after which she went back to England.

It was at this stage in time, where J.K Rowling was divorced, depressed, facing poverty and having to raise a baby daughter, that she started to vigorously write ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. The novel faced rejection by three big publication houses in the UK, but was later published by Bloomsbury. J.K Rowling’s tale of persistence and her journey of creating one of the biggest series of novels in our time is a success story that is sure to inspire.

This is a guest post by Simon. He is a Blogger with a formal education in International Economics. He is a Forex trader for 8 years now on and off and currently works for Poundaccess, a British  short term loan provider.

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