10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

There are several books worth reading by every entrepreneur while many of them are not even considered a single glance. So here we have assembled a list of books which helps business owners to deal with his competitors, colleagues etc. Behind creative thinking, reading is considered as a spark. Intelligence is gained through reading and when you are in business it is important for you to read other people’s thoughts and ideas.



  1. “The Brand You Call” by Peter Montoya

This book can be recommended to someone who has just started a business. One of the great books that teach about marketing one’s business helps a person to differentiate himself from other competitors around. The strategies and tactics of marketing which if followed properly will lead you to do much better than other competitors.

  1. “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely

In this book writer focuses on rational choices we make on daily basis are the decisions are small or big but our choices are smart or not. Our decisions starting from buying a mobile phone or a car to choosing the best life partner we keep on overpaying.

  1. “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris

This book gives an idea about how to approach on situations which we face on a daily basis and how to think about them with a better vision. It also teaches a person to think positively. This book is a must read for all the entrepreneurs and business related people, even their kids should read it since mostly business chain goes on till generations.

  1. “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin

This book gives ideas about re-marketing your existing business in order to satisfy the current need since the world is ever changing.

  1. “The Knack” by Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham

It is a fun to read a book in which Norm teaches business lessons by telling stories which makes the book a very interesting one. So intelligence can be gained by reading about the experiences of those people who have been in a similar situation to your own.

  1. “Creating Your Own Destiny” by Patrick SnowCreating Your Own Destiny by Patrick Snow

This book teaches how to find true happiness in life and how to fulfil your dreams. It is a book which inspires many since all of us have some big dreams and we all strive hard in our lives to find true happiness. These books are very helpful in making a person a successful businessman also shapes up the whole personality makes a person’s life a happier one.

  1. “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk

This book teaches to have a passion in order to be successful. If you have problems your way then you must have passion to crush it. You will find yourself completely in a different track of trains of thoughts and will be having better ways to tackle situations with proper guidance.

8.       “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi

This writer says that networking is the best ways to be successful. He has discussed about famous people of the world and how they mastered the art of networking and became so successful.

9.       “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” by Mike Michalowicz

Writer teaches how entrepreneur achieve their goals by overcoming all the obstacles. This book has many ideas for small business.

  1. “Flying Solo” by Robert Gerrish

This book will teach how to balance work with life that is what should be the order of your priorities. If any businessman suffers from troubles of work and personal life then he must read this.

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