Gaming Industry and its future in India

It’s an established fact that Indians love playing games. The platform doesn’t matter when it comes down to gaming. But we are so heavily into it that we fail to understand the difference between night and day.

Although there is no dearth in number of players in India, what we really lack or fall behind in is that no colleges or institutions provide a full degree course on game designing and development. Our Honorable President Pratibha Patil recently stated in an interview that Gaming and animation industry is all set to grow at 10% annually for the next two years to the tune of $170 USD Billion. [Via – ET]

To tell the truth, this figure is very much achievable but to do so one has to have a very clearly defined foundation and to make this a reality, institutes have to be set across India where degree courses in Game Development, design and management is offered.

The current State:

I accept the fact that Indian games websites have been doing very well and the demand for flash games is pouring from all over, but when we see an Indian game developer coming up with a Ghajini or a Raone or even the yet to release Don2, we can see a massive difference when these are compared to a Max Payne or a Call of Duty or GTA. One thing that separates us from them is that we do not indulge in high graphics game. The developers in India are somehow just contented with matching the storyline of the game to that of the movie or vice versa. It’s a given fact that Story line is very important part of a game, but that’s not the only thing that makes a game holistic.

It’s not as if Indian developers lack in ability. If provided with a full fledged team of specialists even we could have our very own Ubisoft or EA Sports for that matter.

As a career option:

Indian youth’s are mostly seen around gaming zones. Why not make their interest into a career option and provide them with an opportunity to choose gaming industry as a possible career avenue.

Indian Gaming industry had been slated to make a progress from $4billion in 2007 to 14$billion in 2011.

Anshu Mor, head of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, says entering the Indian market has been a challenging experience for the Xbox team. “There are several perception issues in India”, he said. “Many consider gaming as just an entertainment. They fail to understand that there is huge business around this”. [Source]

The idea is very clear and simple. Provide a platform where Indian youth can give life to their imagination and create a whole new virtual world. This is possible and now with the support of Indian Government the educational institutes should seriously consider beginning a course on the same.

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