MoneyWorks4Me – A tool for value investing

Are you a trader or an investor? If your are an investor what kind of investor are you (you take calls based on Technical or Fundamental analysis)? Well if you are the one who takes calls based on Fundamentals here is a website which can help you even further!

MoneyWorks4Me helps you to find out the MPR (the true intrinsic value) of a stock based on past financial data. The past data is generally taken of 10 years.

According to Raymond Moses, the promoter of MoneyWorks4Me, and an IIT – Kanpur Alumnus, “The name ‘MoneyWorks4Me’ reflects the notion behind the creation of this portal. I believe that finance is an application of maths and logic. We started with one single objective in mind – A solution that gives confidence about our Stock Investing Decisions even when the market behaves erratically. Therefore, we arrived at it through a Sensible Investing approach– with”

He further added, “Like Mr. Warren Buffett the veteran in stock market, even has two rules of Sensible Investing and we call it- The Golden Rules.

Golden Rule # 1: Invest in a company that’s worth owning forever

Golden Rule # 2: Buy shares at 50% discount or lower and sell at MRP, provided it gives minimum 20% compounded rate of return”.

Here are few features about the website which impressed me:

10 year X-RAY:

I searched for TCS on MW4Me and came across an excellent tabular comparison of the past 10 years financial data. Here you also get – Key Financial Ratios and Management X-Ray!

10 year X-RAY for TCS

Future Prospect & Price Calculators:

It also has a feature to evaluate future prospects about the company which is based on several financial ratios like EPS, Net Sales, PV, Price to Book Value and more. You can also calculate the fare price based on your EPS and growth estimation.

Another Best part is- MoneyWorks4Me Synopsis:

This gives us the details in simple words and in short. It tells us how the financials are and what is the long term prospect. You also get the MRP (Sensible Sell Price) & Discount Price (Sensible Buy Price) of your stocks here. Isn’t that great?

Various other features:

StockShastra is a great initiative started by MW4Me to educate people in a simple way!

Educational Videos which help investors to gain knowledge and invest in a more sensible way!

Future plans for MoneyWorks4Me:

In December, They have re-launched the website with many new and improved features. Among these is free access to some areas of their site.

Another innovation, they are developing is a free e-learning library of videos (about 300) aimed at educating lay investors as well as college age students (future investors) about investing- from the basics to derivatives and more.

One year annual subscription cost’s around Rs 3999/- where one can analyse 100 stocks over a period of one year. Do give a try and don’t forget to visit – MoneyWorks4Me

What’s your take on MW4Me? Share your thoughts & views.. Comment!

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