Advertise in Rural India with Vritti i-media

India has a population of over 1.1 billion people and about 70% of the population stay in rural India. Well our marketers can’t really miss this, specially the once who are in FMCG domain.

We recently got introduced about a company named – Vritti i-Media which advertises in Rural India in its own unique ways like: Audio advertisements on bus stops and Video advertisements just like the once you see at a CCD, Vritti displays video advertisements at food malls on highways.

Vritti i-Media an arm of Vritti solutions Ltd offers innovative and value for money media solutions that can help companies market and advertise their products and services to the Tier-2,Tier3 and Rural markets using Digital Technology. Vritti’s i-Media is helping Corporate, SME’s and Retail Business to reach out its targets segments through its Digital world+ network .The Digital world+ network can help companies do their Awareness campaigns, promotional campaigns and brand building exercise to in a very cost effective way.

Vritti i-Media’s concept:

Currently the company has presence in Rural Maharashtra. It is present on 85+ Bus stands in Maharashtra.

Advertisers can grab this opportunity and target the rural market.

Check this video for more insights:

Visit Vritti i-Media’s website for more information:

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