Social Investing sites & India.

Investing was once done by only a few people. Now it have become a common trend to support once future needs. Investing has now even gone web 2.0 way. The site most liked by investor being .

There are many more startups entering to cater this segment. Starting from 2006 we have also seen many blog posts on the same niche.

Many sites I have seen are coming up with features like Post Stock tips, Voice opinion, stock quotes, etc

Social Investing has seen a big boom that there is actually a rush going on for such sites at the moment.

From most of the sites a few I like are – and

What can Investors gain from it ?

Investors can actually get to see what percentage of people are bullish or bearish!

They can check for existing analysis done by some fellow member.

They can voice their opinion or even post a stock tip.

And much more..

What do you wish to see more on this “Social Investing” sector/segment/site? Comment!

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