Laptop market in India

Last year the laptop sales in India doubled. (In the year 2008).

HP has the largest market share of 21 per cent in the Indian laptop market, followed by HCL and Lenovo.

Besides the corporate sector, laptops have been in demand in the education sector, with schools and colleges encouraging their day-to-day use.

Laptops sales have increased the most in the 18-36 years age group segment which includes students and home users.

Size, weight, battery life and configuration are the most important factors consumers look at when they buy a laptop.

Laptop sales have accounted for a decline in the sales of desktop computers and are expected to take over 40 per cent of the overall PC sales in India by 2010. [Business Standard]

The main reasons which are leading to increase in Laptop sales in India :

PS : What would you prefer a PC or a Laptop ?

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