What benefits investors get by being informed?

Information has a free flow, if you grab it properly they you can even monetize it!

For example – ABC Ltd. company is giving out bonus issue it announces today and you are not aware of it and you sell the companies share without being aware of the bonus issue you can be at a loss. So the sole mantra of value investing is “Being Aware“.

A value investor should always seek for information. With information one can predict the future of the company , though the accuracy wouldn’t be 100% but at lest 50% true.

Here are some benefits an Investor gets if he is Informed:

  • He comes to know every thing what exactly is going on in the company
  • What is Media’s perspective about the company
  • Profits and other financial information
  • One can come to know the right time to enter the stock as well as to exit the stocks

Where will the information comes from?

Information from a News paper, official Website, etc.. Depending on others for information is not done rather one should search for information. Check for Source reliability.

* Update: Social Investing websites are playing a crucial role these days!

So now be informed and take informed decision!

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