10 reasons why do youngsters join call centers.

BPO industry is only industry which gives over 10K even to an undergrad. People rush to BPO not to get some experience but to earn money.

The sudden rush of call centers surely employed millions directly and indirectly.

Here are 10 strong reasons why youngsters join BPO.

  1. High Salary is offered by BPO if compared with some other company. A student with less educational qualification would get higher pay at a call center than in any other companies.
  2. Good / Hygienic working conditions. This has a deep impact on the minds of the youngsters. They prefer clean surroundings. As most of the call centers in India were constructed only few years back they are clean and equipped with latest facility and technology which youngsters like.
  3. Lifestyle has changed. Now young people are ready to work any time during the day as well as night.
  4. Less of education have forced youngsters to join BPO’s.
  5. Increasing competition is another main reasons. Competition exists at every levels in all industry. Youngsters want to compete with their friends who are earning high.
  6. Increasing demand. Demand always keeps on increasing to satisfy this demand one needs to do some thing to earn money. BPO is a way to earn money faster.
  7. Rather than sitting unemployed its better to do some thing. As BOP employ people , train them and pay a good sum of money.
  8. Family has an immediate economic need that necessitates your going to work and this job is available.
  9. Jobs are available in vicinity. One may continue studies along with work. (correspondence studies)
  10. Pick up and Drop up facility attract few youngsters.

Needs of youngsters have increased and their family doesn’t satisfy them so they join BPO.

Few youngsters also think to earning a huge sum of money in one year or so and then continue their studies with the money collected.

Some even think that joining BPO is a way to learn good English and also learn marketing.

Over to you – What do you think about this issue ?

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