ICICI Bank makes innovative use of social and digital media to connect with consumers Grabbing the digital opportunity for growth, ICICI Bank is at the forefront of technology innovation to reach out to the young, connected consumer through innovative products like ‘tab banking’and ‘Pockets’. ICICI launched its Facebook banking service, Pockets, late last year –which lets the customer […]

After a very long time I am posting some event update. The last one which I posted was a business plan competition – Entreprerna where Squamble was one of the partners. Well this is an event from IIT Bombay and only for startups, actually for students wanting to startup – students who have already started […]

Top 10 Trends in Data Warehousing

April 15, 2014

Data warehouses have staying power. And despite the more au courant apps on the market, companies still see the value in having a repository that can integrate and manage the data of hundreds of databases and applications – and for that reason the data warehouse remains viable to enterprise. To keep them viable, savvy (and […]

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The Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles

April 10, 2014

There are lists from insurance companies which allow their customers to see the models and types of cars that are stolen most often in the United States. Some of the entries may surprise you. Check to see if your automobile made the top ten list, which is listed in no particular order. The National Insurance […]

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The New Wave in Lead Generation

April 8, 2014

Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company with high-profile clients and a rapidly increasing bottom line, lead generation offers the simple solutions you need to close more deals, expand your sales pipeline, improve lead conversion rates, and reduce sales cycle time. A new wave in lead generation is sweeping through various industries […]

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Grow your business with the help of free Classified sites

March 21, 2014

The main aim of running any business is earning profits and for that business needs customers. Once you have your product or service in place it’s time to search for customers. One main question is where do you get customers from? Well there are various ways to get customers offline and online as well. You […]

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This is the most retweeted tweet ever

March 4, 2014

At The Oscars yesterday Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a pic which is now the most re-tweeted tweet ever with 3 million + re-tweets and 1.6 million + favorites. The tweet broke President Obama’s tweet record which was re-tweeted 900K times. The pic was taken by Bradley Cooper with DeGeneres Samsung Galaxy Note 3! Look at the […]

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How to secure your internet banking while shopping online

February 26, 2014

One of the most vital benefits you enjoy over the internet is online shopping. Thanks to the feature of electronic commerce, transacting money online has become a reality, which makes buying and selling things online possible. Of late, the idea of online shopping has been the talk of the town with everyone trying out this […]

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In News: Facebook acquires WhatsApp for 19 billion USD

February 20, 2014

WhatsApp the most used mobile messaging platform in the world got acquired by the number one social networking website Facebook. This deal includes $4 billion in cash – $12 billion in Facebook stock (equity) and an additional $3 billion for the team if they continue to work with Facebook- WhatsApp for the next 4 years. […]

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Why investing in Fixed Deposit is attractive – Now!

January 13, 2014

In India fixed deposits are considered as one of the safest financial instruments to invest in. FD’s offer a fixed rate of interest which higher than a savings bank a/c interest rate. Fixed deposits offer interest rate on a compounded basis which is either compounded quarterly, half yearly or annually. Compound interest increases the annualized […]

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